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03 Oct

Educating The Hearts Of Children

While there is a great emphasis in our society on academic achievement, research tells us that helping our children grow to be compassionate, kind, engaged and happy will have a profound positive effect on their social, emotional and spiritual well-being.

It is important to educate the mind and the heart. We all want our children to have heart-mind well-being. And the way we can do that is create environments and relationships that promote the development of five positive human qualities - getting along with others; being compassionate and kind; solving problems peacefully; being secure and calm; and, being alert and engaged.

Designed for parents, grandparents, caregivers and caring people in the lives of children, the website Heart-Mind Online, offers you a treasure-trove of information, ideas and activities to support you in the most important job in the world!

Research tells us that heart-mind well-being is critical to the life-long health and happiness of children and youth. Explore this website to find information about what is normal and healthy for children in their social and emotional development, along with practical strategies for caring adults to actively create the nurturing environments that bolster heart-mind well-being.

Visit the website here.


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