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20 Mar

Your Child's Healthy Social & Emotional Development

Your relationship is the most important thing you can offer your child and will ensure that your child grows up to be healthy, happy and productive. So let us take some time to think through our parenting and play!

Babies can identify you, their primary caregiver, at birth by sight, sound and smell. They can read your feelings by your facial expressions. They can mimic faces and feel what you feel. If they have had enough they know to turn away or close their eyes.

By reaching to you or turning away, they send you a message as to what they want - more communication or more quietness. A new parent needs to learn how her baby communicates.

Some babies have a harder time communicating. That can be frustrating because you do not know what your baby wants. If you get too frustrated, ask for help.

As you read your baby’s cues, over time, your baby learns you will be helpful and she will even stop crying when you enter the room! Your baby knows you can help!

As you continue to understand your baby more, she becomes more attached to you, reaching out to you for help. Changes occur in you too as you feel close to your baby and more competent as a parent.

As you learn what your baby wants and provide it; as you guide your child safely, with respect; and as you help her with upset feelings, your child will also treat you with patience and respect. She will begin to control her feelings. She will look to you for reassurance.

Sometimes things do go wrong! This can happen in many ways, for example:

  • A child may have a difficult temperament, developmental delays or be sick
  • A parent can be ill, stressed or worried
  • You may be preoccupied which can impact your ability to read your baby.

Find out how you can help develop healthy social and emotional development in your child.

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