Program Information

  • We are families, whose kids struggle with mental health challenges. We know what it is like because we’ve been there too.

  • We understand how isolating it can feel when your child or youth is struggling.

  • We know how hard it can be to find and wait for services and supports when you need help.

  • We know that your whole family is being impacted.

  • We also know how important you are, how hard you are working and that you may need some support right now, too.

How Can a Parent In Residence (PiR) Help You and Your Family?

We offer peer support to families and caregivers who are parenting a child (0 to young adult) experiencing mental health challenges.

We use our lived experience to help other families. We will listen to you and understand what you are going through because we’ve been there.

We can connect your family to resources and information about services and supports that are available to you.

We can help you to prepare for meetings with the professionals who are providing services to your child or youth. We know how important these relationships are and that it really makes a difference when we can work well together.

We can talk with you about how you are taking care of yourself, because you matter and we know it’s hard to think of yourself when your child is having a hard time.

PiRs can meet with families by phone, video chat, email and in-person.